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Game Developer/Unity Projects

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Kiralyst Cover Concert - Virtual Immersion

Kiralyst Cover Concert: Virtual Immersion is a virtual concert experience incorporating the use of an anime-inspired aesthetic.

Novum - A Post Apocalyptic 3D Platformer

Novum is a 3D collectathon platformer built in Unity that features the playable character exploring an abandonned post-apocalyptic city after an epidemic takes over

Johnny Smoke - A 2D Sidescrolling Platformer

Out in the land of the tobacco plant, comes a tall, hard-ridin', lean bloke. He goes by the name of Johnny Smoke. Construct 2 based 2d sidescroller shooter platformer game

Fantasy Bullet Heck

Processing based bullet hell shooter video game

Video Editing Projects

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Nagzz 2021 Birthday Video

Adobe Premiere Pro

Nagzz is a Twitch Streamer who streams to a loving community.

For his 34th birthday, I edited together a big project that involved many members of his community.

INCinema Music Video - Anchors Down

Vegas Pro

INCinema is a film production arm of Iglesia Ni Cristo that promotes Christian Values through film/videos.

I was responsible for editing together the music video which combined many video sources and audio.

Twitch clips editor for vtuber Nullarys

Vegas Pro

Nullary is a vtuber who streams on twitch

I was her editor for a few videos and edited twitch clips and added subtitles/zooms/small edits to engage the audience