Video Showcase 

Artist Statement:

Kiralyst Cover Concert: Virtual Immersion is a virtual concert experience incorporating the use of an anime-inspired aesthetic. The project contains a virtual rendition of myself performing and song covers using the popular Vocaloid software and style. 

KCC is an intersection between three of the primary forces that drive my work and creative practice: Video Games, Anime, and Music. The project utilizes each of these three forces, combining my love for each of them into one uniform experiential piece. 

The main visual component draws inspiration from virtual anime concerts such as those done by and through Vocaloid and Hololive, with an anime aesthetic. This is done through the use of anime-styled characters, scenery, and an anime-inspired setlist composed of popular songs within the Vocaloid community. 

As much of the experience around concerts is impacted by first-hand engagement, an element of the experience is lost when strictly viewed on a screen or monitor. KCC circumvents this through the utilization of an HTC Vive as a means to immerse the participant. A personal virtual reality space creates a way to achieve that feeling. It truly makes the participant feel as though they are experiencing a concert in person and lending itself to the participatory nature of the medium. 

Ideally, this work would be experienced in the comfort of one’s home using an HTC Vive with headphones to keep them properly immersed during the whole experience. There are other ways to experience this without VR such as keyboard and mouse but are less immersive. Throughout the past couple of years, Anime has become much more mainstream in the entertainment market and KCC seeks to spread my love for this medium to a wider range of people.

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