About me


Joren "Kiralyst" Abat

Hey guys! What's up, I’m Joren, also known as "Kiralyst" online on numerous platforms. Currently, I'm a University student living in Canada who does a ton of media based things as a hobby. This includes making YouTube videos, live-streaming on Twitch and creating music, some of which can be found on Spotify.

I am a huge fan of anime, video games, and music. I try to incorporate my love of these mediums into everything I do. I’m also very interested in technology and the progression of technology in general.

The start of my social media presence happened in Grade 4 when I wanted to make videos and share them with my friends which led to the creation of my first YouTube channel. From there, I created videos based on things that I were interested in at the time and it changed a lot. I went from making videos on Club Penguin to 2d sprite animations, to 2d drawn animations before settling in the let's play community for a very long time, making videos of me playing various video games with added commentary. Recently however, I've been spending a lot of time creating music, mainly focused on the Future Bass genre and you can hear it all on my YouTube channel and even on Spotify!

For as long as I can remember, my career path and goal for after my studies is to work in the video game industry. I have been learning various coding languages and have been creating games for the past couple of years, be it school projects or simply side hobbies. There will be a portfolio on this website in the near future that showcases the games that I have made thus far.

Connect with me!

These are the sites where you're able to find me and most of my work that I have posted online!



Where you can find all of my videos and newest uploads



The best place to contact me and see what I'm up to



Take a listen to some of my music which includes a ton of mashups and remixes 



Another place to see short videos of my music



You can listen to my original music on Spotify!



I stream games and stuff on twitch sometimes!